Pocket Empires


"The hsitory of the Third Imperium begins in the earliest days of himaniti's voyages to the stars, with what we now know as the First Imperium. More than forth centuries ago, the Vilani people estabnlished the Grand Imperium of the Stars. Although it truly was grand (spanning more than 15,000 worlds at its height), one of the principles it was founded upon aided in its destruction..."

So begins one of the favorite supplements of 4th edition Traveller. And so begins this website, dedicated to that supplement, and to Milieu-0 in general.

Read commentary from some of the original authors here.

Find out new rules for how to transfer money between the stars here.

Read a summary of the never published Pocket Empires novel here.

Play a wargame between empries trying to establish dominance before Imperial adsorption here.

Visit shipyards burgeoning with ships suitable for a Milieu-0 campaign here.

Read Imperial scout reports of mysterious pocket empires beyond Imperial borders here.

The Future is Around the Corner


You deserve your own pocket empire

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